Tuesday, October 01, 2013

To My Sweet Alain

Oh how I long to be in the arms of thee
In a vast universe so dark and empty
Why for is my place lonely and haunted by your face
Lips that which I still taste and a heart still in a race
To conquer the times end with an embrace truly to mend
Mend this emptiness and cure thy loneliness
Tis thy spirit aside me but tis myself that taunts beside me
A chaotic sense of emotion making no sense like this topic
Invisible to the seekers but shon bright to you
My heart made of strings warn frail and thin
A solo violin needing to be dusted off
Hoping to end up in the hands of light
But accept that it just may not be right
Such so makes me weep building up inside 
Flooding my thoughts held back from stone walls built so high
I shed no tear past my smile of knowing you

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Day The Rain Stopped

Standing amongst the confounded rain drops of thoughts
I stood soaking praying for it to stop in the parking lot

Oft times my thoughts would melt my brain  so I'm drained 
So I would  sit for days to write with no light

Written stories and novels of one lines
Something to cause the pain to topple within time

At some point this rain, this pain has to stop
At some point this rain, this cut will clot

And then she appears, she steers through her fears
And the clouds leers, peers into my tears

A shadowed rainbow pierces through the rain
Standing before me she pushes aside my pain

An umbrella protecting me with just a smile
A heart worth waiting for through the denial

I feel like a hummingbird dancing tween the drops of rain

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Hearts Rainbow

Twas night and dark, darker than most nights
And something was wrapping at my hearts door.

I open my door but nothing is there so I close it again.

An orchestra of crickets and frogs play the Moonlight Sonata 
As I drift away from myself I hear the wrapping again

I open my door but nothing is there so I close it again.

I fall back into unison with my personal orchestra 
And feel as if someone is there listening with me

I open my eyes to a lost paradise which is seen only in my dreams
And the soft wrapping at my hearts door resumes

I slowly open the door as a brilliant light creeps in 
The door cannot stop this beautiful light, a cotton candy colored rainbow bursts in

My heart is flooded with a new feeling that is pure, replenishing my heart
From fears and pains past that with this moment drain away as I remain to stay

She brushes my shoulder with that intent gesture
A soft kiss memory like the orchestras melody.

Friday, May 03, 2013

United Slaves of America

The ground growls like a lions roar
The air is scented with gun oil
Automated birds hum silently above 
Like an eagle stocking it's prey

We sing freedom

Fog of war creeps through our concrete jungle in darkness
Gravel trembles as rubble closes in
Rain falls from silent birds stinging and blinding us

We sing freedom

Community stands undivided 
Cannon barrels peek around building corners and blast bleach infected water
We fall but are picked up by faith and heart

We sing freedom

Rubber shots scream from rooftops and flash bangs surrounds us. 
Yet we still hear urban rubber soles stomp toward us
Our ears and noses bleeding

Our hearts cry freedom

Blurry figures behind shields with batons emerge before us
Gas masked faces and layered plated body armor divides humanity from an industrial complex
Silence stuns the air as a moment of clarity enlightens us

Our minds chants freedom

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Monday, February 18, 2013

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012




is this to me.

 Torched heart scarred soul tortured mind.


 Weighted shoulders supporting jagged icebergs.


 Root balls of pain planted in my brain seeding new weeds waiting to be pulled.


This is Stained to me.

Split Mirror

Silence sleeping next to me.
Laying as two and the Raven flies dividing them.
Bounding chains chiming in the wind
Plotted predetermined walls splitting Forrest.
A jest to only be told to the future as a lost dream.
A dream possible yet an impossibility confined to a dream.
A legacy evolving from a realized fate. 
A destiny already spoken but unheard and unseen.
Blind until time has told the story that was to be unfolded.
Written as riddles, bold in code
like an emphatic child
like a reservoir spilling into its reserve
like a Raven soaked in oil
Because it believed and dreamed
Because it absorbed and refrained
Because it smiled over tears
Secretly reflecting while it is deflecting
Deflecting what it wants to see
Reflecting how it shall never be.
A dream oft silenced on a pillow shared.
So easy breath forgotten, so easy hunger misplaced.
Contextual emotions greyed by defined lines at our feet.
Walking through between the shadows casted at my feet
A glimpse of now and then, now and never when.
Oil binding  feathers of flight saturated in fear.
F*?*ear to what is to become
Fear what is to lived.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Fingers stained with tainted blood poisoned buy dirty money

Hearts ripped out buy razors lashed from steel whips,
woven with wine and whiskey laced with skins of rats

Stomachs drawn through the navels of insanity
Leaching toxic words undigested by nubby soft incisors 

Bleeding gums ingested to coat the throat for the tongue to follow down

A downward spiral into the depths of an empty stomach

Organ donor card simply reads yes please
Prosthetic legs replace phantom pains from fire
Melting flesh, burning hair unable to curb the chill air that shoots ice subcutaneously into the soul

Glass egg shells tearing feet ceasing ambulatory progress
Infinite forks lay in the road speared with brain matter of sheep

Topless three armed unix enslaved drooling acid
Lipless toothless decayed walking matter
Praying for death their only real hope

Seven Stages

Stolen from a friend she ran to me
I saw not the pain that  she had hid
Her smiles allowed her to flee free
Her life with the devil she would bid.

Twisted into a darkness spiraled down
Her pain deep inside placed by a man's touch
She chose to drain and the pain she would drown
She ran from me and Death absorbed  her crutch

A stage is set, a play is lost
My life I'll bet, will exceed cost

An encounter with roasted coffee in the air
Anticipating her first words and her first look
Her frame as lovely as her hair so fair
Complimenting my mind, her hand I took

A lifetime oh so hastily woven
Her love was unseen yet I stood with faith
A shadow came and her heart was stolen
A Raven hones in and feeds from the wraith

Stage lights dim on the play so worn
Curtains drawn on a heart so torn

In a gathering she watched from afar
Her eyes never left me, not for one moment
A recovering heart still in my jar
Secret nightly meetings to me she had chosen

Top of my class with DuPont on our own
Sparse visits would have to suffice for now
She would entice me not to be alone
The day came she left me in a strange town 

I step back from the stages edge, the lights fading out
The raven peers from the ledge,he whispers time is running out

I heard her mystical voice  through the wind
Something grabs hold of me, whats my intention
Frozen frames of bliss with the time we spend
From my heart she was in my dimension

With her lover secret to me  I sit and share
Her confused life locked away from the world to see
Pints and lusts of the same love from which we both bare
A friendship and a love swiftly taken from me

He grows tawny and wise of my heart
He says, from this stage soon you will part

She said I intrigued her, she said I entrapped her
Our two hearts did spark from the depths of darkness
She would mislead me, my heart perhaps she would stir
With this ring I promised my love to be priceless

SO suddenly her heart had grown cold and distant
He warned me but I wished it true this time around
He whispered don't worry, her love you wont miss it
Under her wing was another, I lost my ground

This stage grows so cold I look down in my hands to see what I hold
I stare at my lifeless heart, he was right this stage I soon will part

He weaves me black and binds with locks and chains my wrists
She has similar torments that taunts my tension
She guides my touch to her ribbons of pain that joy twists
A false  promise forever with no abstention

A brief time spent insane of bliss in pain
Nights as one in each others arms we lay
As like the days light darkened by the rain
It is not my cloud with which she will stay

This rain soaked stage warps and bends, he swoops down upon my shoulder he lands
O raven come to me and mend, with talons tight he clamps and my mind he commands

Landing in a land of logistics and legislation
Creeping across the lawn she takes a snapshot of me
Individualism would be  her proclamation
My heart, would be on guard immediately

Hidden truth of her from me and of me from her
A beginning, an ending with no ending in sight
Until it was  too late of another was with her
A lie grown but its my heart I still hold tight

The stage has dried, Battles been fought, the crowd has cried
The stage is set, who would have thought, who would have bet?

Sam 4:15


Enslave, Exhausted

Consuming, Spending, Taxes

Money, Cradle - Grave, Dying 

Uniting, Dividing, Killing

Red tape shackles 


Raven's Ghost

Ghost of Darragh's past

Broken hearted, Suspicious

Dealing, Spiraling, Losing

Smirking witch, Raven - Raven Serene, Skeletons rested

Conquering, Fulfilling, Loving

Free thoughts, Determined

Darragh's ghost to come

The Punisher

Frustration and anger comes on thyself.
Spoon fed twisted tongues of fate.
Promises of forever and happiness to only rest once in each other.
Arms with empty truths, eyes full with spears.
Betrayed and broken from a daemon within once again.
Dreaming of a love that which shall not lie to this broken forsaken heart.
Scarred and tattered, bruised and numb.
The pain becomes tolerable.
A normal occurrence, a normal feeling never to change until the truth of one would free me from these chains.
Locked in an inevitable lust, impossible dream of love.
Smiles camouflaging tears with a raven on my shoulder.
Whispering never more while feasting on the bloody remains of a still beating canceress mass blackened by them. 
They feel themselves, they feel not me and no nay never could feel me.
A daily flight from shoulder to my bottomless stomach to feed and protect its claim behind walls of stone and iron.
Gates locked from the outside and keys laying in the moats surrounding me.
Water of fire, hail of blood, burning up hopes and dreams fading from tablets Etched with broken finger nails and teeth.

No need for sight so the raven gorges on my eyes.
No need to journey so he boils my feet.
No need for holding another so he splurges on my hands.

Leaving my ears as to hear my own cries of pain and loss running to nowhere for comfort 

Theoretically irrelevant.